Testimonial – Supreeth Dambal (Father underwent bypass surgery)

By: | Tags: | Comments: 0 | September 29th, 2014

Mr. Supreeth Dambal V, (supreethdambal@gmail.com) brought his father for bypass surgery (CABG). He had warm feelings for us

I don’t know how to thank Dr. Rajesh T R and his team. Every time our family physician says it’s a new lease of life to my dad, I owe it to this dedicated and diligent team who performed CABG on my father. When we admitted my dad and his angiogram showed multiple 90% blocks, we were in a state of shock. Then we met Dr. Rajesh T R and Dr. Chiran Babu, and the confidence they instilled in everybody, especially the patient, was great. It is said that a job well begun is half done. This team did just the right thing by taking the patient into confidence. My father felt a lot more confident and relieved after speaking to them.

The sincerity and professionalism with which they handled the case is definitely worth mentioning. It gave all of us an assurance that we were in safe hands. The team proved their expertise acquired from their vast experience by carrying out the surgery (CABG) successfully.

The post operative care was also unparalleled. Their hard work definitely showed results as my dad recovered at the commendable pace and within a week he was discharged, healthier than ever, if I may say. The follow-ups with Dr. Rajesh and Dr. Chiran Babu have also yielded good results and I can gladly say that my father is hale and healthy and back to his normal lifestyle.

Thank you Dr. Rajesh T R, Dr. Chiran Babu and Team!!! Kudos to your great work.” J